English Video Tutorials for Bank PO & Clerk (CWE) Exams
Sunita Kadian Sunita Kadian

English Video Tutorials for Bank PO & Clerk (CWE) Exams

Clear the English section and interview of banking exams with this online course

18 Aug 2011

Self paced



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The course package includes
50+ videos
  • Cover nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, modals, gerunds, conjunctions and more
  • Include common mistakes made by candidates

 8 Recorded classes - for enhancing verbal skills with lifetime access

Key Takeaways
  • Conquer sections: Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension & Grammar
  • Get lifetime access to the tutorials and recordings
  • Make English your strong point in clearing Banking exams


Who is it for?
If you are struggling with English for Bank PO/Clerk exams, then this course will help you conquer all the three main sections of Bank PO / Clerk English written test: vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar.

Why English for Bank-PO and Clerk Exam Course?
Many Bank PO aspirants consider English as their weak point. With this course not only can you score well in the English section of the exams but also improve your English communication skills and open more career windows for yourself.

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Sunita Kadian

Chandigarh , India

Sunita Kadian has over 20 years of experience in teaching English language. She has helped thousands of students to learn English for competitive exams like CDS, IAS, Bank-PO and also improve English speaking skills.
She is a post graduate in English Literature and has earned the prestigious Diamond level certification in English Language teaching from Advanced Learning Institute, Chennai.


Schedule & Syllabus

Section 1

Section 1
Position of Adverbs in a sentence
Vocabulary Building - Review Class
[Speak English with Ease] - Spoken English class
English for Bank PO Exam
Vocabulary Building - Antonyms with Prefixes
English Grammar - Find the error in tenses
Essay Writing
Essay Writing
Active-Passive Voice
Correct the sentences
Gerunds or Infinitives
Parts of Speech
01. Nouns
06. Prepositions
04. Adjectives & Adverbs
05. Articles
03. Verbs
Reported Speech
Active-Passive Voice Answers
Correct the sentences Answers
Parts of Speech answers
Reported Speech answers
2. Pronouns
19. Reported Speech
23. Precis Writing
24. Essay Writing
25. Punctuations
7. Conjunctions
8. Interjection
9. Gerunds
11. Participles
12. Dangling Modifier
10. Infinitives
14. Phrases sentence clauses
18. Active Passive Voice
17. Tenses
20. Sentence Transformation 1
21. Sentence Transformation 2
16. Verb Patterns
22. Reading Comphrension
15. Subject Verb Agreement
English for Bank PO Exam - class 1
29. Time conditionals
13. Position of Adverbs
30. used to, would always, simple past
31. can could may might
33. Shall, Will
32. Must, Should, Have to
35. Active passive voice - Practice
26. Spelling Rules
27. Homographs & Homophones
28. Hypothetical Conditionals
Prepositions - common errors
English for Bank PO - Class 2
English for Bank PO Exam - class3
34. Would
English for Bank PO Exam - class 4
Strategy to do well in English section of Bank PO Exam
English for Bank PO Exam - class 4
English for Bank PO Exam - class 5
English for Bank PO Exam - class 6
English for Bank PO Exam - class 6
English for Bank PO Exam - class 7
37. Perfect Participles - Practice
38. Should In Conditionals
36. Reported Speech - Practice
39. Synthesis Of Sentences
40. Wrong Tense Shifts
42. There and IT Structures
43. Negatives In Past
41. Order Of Words
44. Redundancies
47. Prepositions In Collocation
48. Usage Of Words In Different Forms
49. Idiomatic Expressions
50. Sentence Fragments
45. Identification Of Errors
Past Tenses
Learn to communicate about definite,indefinite and recent past
English for Bank PO Exam - class 7
46(a). Vocabulary Building
46(b). Vocabulary Building
English for Bank PO Exam - class 8
[Doc] Precis - Sample 1
[Doc] Precis - Sample 2
Essay 2
Essay 1
Group Discussion
Cloze Passage - strategy for attempting