English Grammar and Composition for Grade 8 Students
Sunita Kadian Sunita Kadian

English Grammar and Composition for Grade 8 Students

Ideal for the students of CBSE/ ICSE board - in India or overseas

15 Weeks

Course Start Date: 28 Oct 2012

This course runs for 15 Weeks

live classes


Grammar gets interesting in Class 8. The sentences become intricate and analysis complex. A good English grammar teacher will keep your lessons interesting to maintain your interest, clear your exams and also retain the lessons for life time.

Why should you choose this course?

  • This is a thorough course - each concept will include theory, examples and tests
  • It would be a 2-way exchange, you can clear your doubts with a LIVE instructor
  • You'll get the same instructor for all your classes so that you build up a rapport

The course package:

  • 36 LIVE online classes
  • Access to class recordings
  • Regular tests you can take, scan and send back for the teacher to correct

The course outline:

  • Sentences and Clauses: Kinds of sentences, Adding correct punctuation marks, Identifying sentences, Changing into questions, Constructing sentences using directions, Completing short dialogues, Affirmative and negative sentences, Changing sentence forms, Writing questions for answers, Changing statements into questions, Constructing questions, Questions tags, Questions that asks for information, Framing questions, Clauses
  • Nouns: Countable and uncountable nouns, Use of articles before countable and uncountable nouns, Collective nouns, Abstract nouns, Opposites of abstract nouns, Making abstract nouns from adjectives, Making abstract nouns from verbs, Noun power, Names of relations, Odd noun out, Professions, Names of subjects, Names of punctuations marks,Food-related words, Animals and their young ones, Word collocation, Manias and phobias
  • Articles: What are articles? Determiners, Inserting determiners, Determiners in the wrong places
  • Pronouns: Relative pronouns, Position of relative pronouns
  • Adjectives: What are adjectives?, Position of adjectives, Forming adjectives, Similes, Degrees of comparison
  • Verbs: What are verbs?, One verb for several words, Movement verbs, Subject-verb agreement, Finite and non-infinite verbs, Infinitives, Bare infinitives, Participles, Gerunds, Combining sentences using participles
  • Tenses: Perfect tenses, For and since, Answering questions using present perfect tense, Matching questions with answers, Past tense and past continuous tense in the same sentence, Answering questions using simple present/ present continuous tense, Sequence of tenses, Tenses in conditionals, Modal Auxiliaries, Use of will, shall, Use of may, might,Use of can, could, Use of will, would, Use of must, mustn’t, Use of should, ought to, Use of need not, don’t need to, used to, dare, dare to
  • Voice: Active voice, Passive voice
  • Speech: Direct speech, Indirect speech
  • Adverbs: What are adverbs?, One adverb for several words
  • Prepositions: What are prepositions?, Conjunctions,What are conjunctions?, Kinds of conjunctions, Coordination conjunctions, Subordinating conjunctions

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Sunita Kadian

Chandigarh , India

I give English and Soft skills training to the corporate and college students. I also have 20+ years of experience of teaching English to the students of C.B.S.E. Public schools.

As an online teacher, I customize courses/classes for my students after analyzing their weaker areas in English language skills.

I also give online Personalized coaching for IELTS and TOEFL ibt (Speaking & Writing sections).


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